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Ketosis strips

Guide to Testing Your Ketone Levels 

Ketosis is a great way for people to use their metabolism and lose excess fat and increase your sexual performance. You can test tour ketosis levels really quick and there are normally three types of ketosis in our body called acetone, acetoacetate, and beta-hydroxybutyrate.  You can measure your ketosis in three simple ways either using the Blood Ketone Meter, Breath Ketone Meters, and Urine sticks.

Measuring Ketosis Using Keto Strips

The keto strips are the best and cheapest way of measuring your ketosis and for beginners, this is recommended so you understand what is a ketogenic diet. All you have to do is hold up the strips in your urine stream for a few seconds and you will notice a change in color. The color of the strips is normally red and when they turn pink then that means you have low ketosis levels. When the strips turn dark purple, it means you have high levels of ketone.

The strips measure the acetoacetate in the urine which is normally not used by the body and as you proceed with ketosis your body will adapt to that lifestyle and produce more ketone. If you just started the diet then you should be worried when you notice the dark purple color though this can change in a few months.

You can buy the keto sticks form online sites and have them delivered to your home. If it is urgent then going to the pharmacy is the best choice and they can give you more information about the strips. When there are increased carbohydrates in your bloodstream means that insulin will be secreted and converted into fat later. If ketone levels are high they will be excreted through urine instead of being stored back as fat.

The hydration levels are factors that modify the urine levels like electrolyte since they can also affect the acetoacetate solution in the urine. You can buy a pack of strips at a cheaper cost and you can use them in the future. You should clean yourself after using the keto strip and make sure you record everything to see if the results remain constant.

Measuring ketones levels through looking at the amount of beta-hydroxybutyrate may be done in the blood by simply pricking your finger and drop the blood in the machine. It is advisable to use an alcohol swab to cleanse the area you are testing so the results are not tampered with. Each test takes a few minutes and you will be good to go.